Jen Honey

Jen Honey

Whatever is happening in life, the ups, the downs and all of the in-betweens, there is always Yoga to come back to. It helps us to come back to our breath, the present moment and most importantly to ourselves. Acting as an anchor, a valuable skill to develop amid this ever changing world.

I completed my teacher training over the course of 2 years with the Friends of Yoga Society and have loved spreading the joy of Yoga ever since. For me Yoga cultivates a sense of clarity, calmness and spaciousness. I love helping people to discover their own Yoga experience. I am also passionate about busting the myth that you need to be able to touch your toes before even considering stepping onto a mat. I have breaking news! The ability to touch your toes is acquired, NOT required. We call it Yoga practice, not Yoga perfect for a reason J I look forward to welcoming you to Sandstone very soon.



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Hatha Yoga, Yoga Flow


Phone: 0121 270 5648