Manoj Koeri

Manoj Koeri

Manoj is a 200 RYT in Akhanda Hatha yoga and 50hr Yin Yoga teacher based in Birmingham.

His exposure to yoga began by observing the commitment level his parents enjoyed religiously to traditional Hatha yoga and pranayama, and seeing the positive impact it had on their health and overall outlook.

Coming from a background of various health conditions and being a former teacher in school, Manoj took a massive change in direction in life and embarked on a healing journey to use yoga as a way to nourish the mind and body, to free himself from stress and depression, along with the residual effects of cancer.

He spent 2 months living in Rishikesh, India, in the Himalayas under the guidance of his guru, founder and master Vishva Ji, in Akhanda yoga, Manoj used this as a means to develop himself, and bring teachings back to the west to share with students to encourage them to be best possible version of themselves.

Akhanda Hatha yoga classes combine ancient aspects of traditional and classical yoga such asana, pranayama, mantra, yogic wisdom and meditation and bring them into a modern age, accessible to all.In this time, Manoj also completed teacher training in yin yoga, and is able to teach and provide grounding yin yoga and nidra classes with the focus being placed on taking the student on a journey of self discovery and realisation in class.

Manoj’s classes are uplifting, transformative and playful and he believes in taking yoga to the people, while creating a balance and harmony to their lives, especially to those who have never stepped on the mat before.


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Hatha Yoga, Yoga Flow, Yin Yoga


Phone: 0121 270 5648