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About Sophie Rey

Sophie started practicing Yoga in around 2012, after looking for a fun and creative form of exercise and was immediately hooked on the physical asana practice and the benefits of yoga as a ‘workout’, at the time having no idea just how deep the practice of yoga actually went.

Over the years Sophie has learnt more about the Philosophy and true values of Yoga along with the emotional, mental and spiritual benefits that it brings, helping her to overcome her own personal challenges. Sophie went on to train with Sandstone and wants to share this practice with others to help people with their own journey of creativity, self-exploration, reconnection and healing.

In 2018 she qualified as a Children’s Yoga Teacher through YogaKidz Worldwide, to help equip future generations with the skills they need to navigate their way through this fast paced, externally stimulating world and help them grow into happy and confident individuals! Sophie is a fully qualified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 hrs), YogaKidz Children’s Yoga Teacher, Facial Massage Therapist and Illustrator.

In 2017 she decided it was time to take the plunge and enrol on a 200hr yoga teacher training course. Since qualifying, Katy’s gained experience teaching a range of classes in studios, workplaces, universities and homes across Birmingham, though she remains most passionate about teaching hot yoga which is where her own journey started. Katy focuses on using the breath to guide students from one pose to the next, providing clear cues, assists and modifications to help students of all levels find safe and effective alignment in each pose.


Yoga Teacher

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Hatha Yoga, Yoga Flow, Kids Yoga


Phone: 0121 270 5648